Brief bio

Hi, my name is Maria, but also known as Luna Kirsche. I’m a designer and Illustrator born and living in Portugal.

2019 was the year I decided to go full-time freelancer and build my own path and teaching my illustration technique.
Before this decision I worked as a graphic designer at the agency Papelagem for big clients such as NIVEA, Eucerin, Labello, Harmony, etc. The rest of the hours were filled with freelance and personal illustration works.
After graduated in Communication Design, I never stopped learning and continued to study children’s illustration, traditional chinese painting, chinese calligraphy, Japanese traditional prints (Ukiyo-e), symbologies, UX, Language and Korean Culture at King Sejong Institute Lisbon and more recently, Design thinking for problem solving.

With the little spare free time, in trying to keep up with world tendencies and travel, always dreaming about travelling and meet new cultures.

Side Project

Drawing Vegan Travels

Food Illustration

I created the Drawing Vegan Travels with the desire of put together my 3 favourite: illustration, travels and veganism.
When planning a trip there are 2 important factors that will draw the path: Museums and vegan food.
Drawing Vegan Travels started to be an instagram page but wishing to pursue a different path than millions of other pages with pictures of food, I  started to draw the discovered meals in my travels. In the end, the instagram page is a travel guide.
This project started in 2018 but it was an idea since 2015.
You can find illustrations of travels from Lisbon to Seoul, South Korea, and much more to come.


The best clients ✌🏻